Visual Diary: Final Project Proposal

For our final project, I was a bit torn with feeling like I needed to do something in the P-comp vein. But, quite honestly, I just haven't been able to come up with any solid ideas that involve my building something electronic.

That said, I have really enjoyed the Digital Footprint portion of our class, and have become quite fascinated particularly with the images that mark our digital experience.

Last week, I worked on the beginnings of a picture book that abstractly visualized gchats between two people. I was very set on seeing this idea through to print, and then found the data that Google has saved for my own image searches.... from 2008.

This has me kind of torn... working on a project that's about two people communicating with one another, taken to abstraction through an almost crowd-sourced curation, and then presented as a story, OR presenting a digital footprint as a diary, with image searches marking specific days and conjuring memories of searches.

I plan to either decide later tonight, or have the class' feedback help me out tomorrow.